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  • Application development

  • Design & material engineers

  • Technology & process validation

3D printing project consulting

By identifying needs and taking in count design, material,  application and additive manufacturing process, we will find the best solution for your project. Mixing your knowledge with additive manufacturing expertise will lead to create unnimaginable benefits for your company.


Dedicated manufacturing experts will take care of your project from start to finish. We’ll find the best technology and materials. From testing to production we can manage wide range of projects.

Engineers onsite can help you to resolve and develop solutions in a very eficient way.

Our team will advise you when is the best time to invest in hardware our use outsourcing services to speed-up your developments and save money. We support managing in-house printing facilities.

  • Dedicated manufacturing expert

  • Project management

  • Research & testing

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  • 3D Printing service

  • Large FDM format

  • Technical materials

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Our factory have 15+ printers dedicated to protoype, production, print benchmark parts and show you what 3D printing is capable. Our focus is on fused filament technology (FFF).

Unique large format FFF printers for your BIG projects.

Our selected materials suppliers let us offer the most advanced materials in 3D printing. Technical materials unlock the real potential of 3D printing giving you the opportunity to have functional parts that meets all your needs.

PLA, ABS, PETG, NYLON, PP, TPU & many more.


Industry is demanding skilled individuals in 3D printing to face the challenges of this revolution. We offer you a flexible training program depending on your needs and background.

High-school and schools are implementing 3D printing as a new way to educate the new generations.

Additive manufacturing is a real management revolution inside companies, supply chains, design, production, marketing and a more areas will be affected for this revolution. Having a global vision of additive manufacturing revolution will give you an advantage for your business decisions.

  • Workforce training

  • Education

  • Business innovation

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